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your IoT devices.

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Most IoT devices are insecure.

And it's often not users' fault.

『❗』There are 23 Billion internet-connected devices today

IoT devices are found practically everywhere.

Chances are, you have used several at your office, your home, and even your favorite coffee shop. Can you tell how secure they were?

『❗』Bugs can exist in both hardware and software

Keeping track of the discovered bugs in a set of devices is by itself a difficult task. Yet, someone has to bear the burden of understanding their potential danger and fixing them.

『❗』Devices sold in different countries can vary in security.

Almost identical devices can have better or worse security across geographical regions because of cost-cutting measures and differences in regulations.

『❗』Even prototypes and DIY devices can get hacked.

Whether you are building a prototype for a multinational company or having fun at home, your new device could be insecure, and it might endanger other data and devices on your network.

security on

We believe in security as a human right,
so we are putting the power in your hands.

Scan all devices connected to your network from your phone

Understand what the risks are and follow guides to secure your devices

Make informed decisions when it comes to configuring your devices or choosing which devices to buy.

Our users also get these features:

Data & APIs

We maintain a knowledge base of vulnerabilities, device characteristics, and solutions. Almost all of the data is available through our public APIs.


The only data we send to our servers are vulnerabilities and generic device information. All your current and historical data are kept on your own device.


We connect you to the right people who can help you setup, update or fix the security of your devices.


Our core technologies are being developed with an international outlook, from content translations to cataloging regional device variations.

Everyone gets personal security free forever.

We understand how important security is and so we make the pledge to provide a fully-featured free tier for personal use for everyone.

The free tier allows for scanning and monitoring a network of at most 20 connected devices. If you would like to keep track of multiple networks and/or more devices, check out our paid tier.

No ads, no personal data farming.

    ✮ Network Scanning

    Check the security of any devices connected to the same network as your phone

    1 Network

    ✮ Device Testing and Monitoring

    Run a range of automatic tests and get data from our knowledge base

    20 devices

    ✮ Access Guides Library

    We create and maintain many guides for how to configure networks and devices


    ✮ Browse Device Catalogue

    Ratings and reviews of all devices tested with our tools


    ✮ API Access

    Integrate our tools and services with other products

    500 calls/month

Each package gives you additional

    ✮ Network Scanning

    2 Networks

    ✮ Device Testing and Monitoring

    100 devices

    ✮ API Access

    5000 calls/month

Packages are $4.99

Each package adds additional monitoring, scanning, and API calls balance to your account.

You can add packages as you need them or buy them in advance so you never run out. Unused packages carry over to the next month.